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Engine Block - left side

The engine block has been received back from the machine shop. They did a very thorough job.

Once home, the oil galley was cleaned with a bore brush and everything was washed down with brake parts cleaner. I like brake parts cleaner because it does not leave a residue. The block was then primed. I'll paint it red once it's assembled. The new cylinder sleeves have also been installed.

The welch plugs (aka "freeze" plugs) had been removed prior to sending the block out for cleaning. New plugs have been installed.

Engine Block - right side

A whole evening was spent chasing the threads on every bolt hole and stud. The Craftsman tap and die set that my wife gave me for Christmas several years ago was much appreciated.

Oil Pan

The oil pan also made the trip to the machine shop to be cleaned in their vat. It came back very nice and clean. I washed it with brake parts cleaner, primed and painted red.

It was discovered that a minor crack had been repaired on the front of the pan at some point in its life. The repair looked decent and required no further attention.

Front Spindles

Here's a before and after comparison of the front spindles. The clean hub was stripped using the electrolytic rust removal process. It's a slow process, but very easy and is gentle on the parts. The old paint just peeled off after an over night session in the vat. A quick, light pass with the bead-blaster gets it ready for primer.

All the front end bushings, bearings and seals will be replaced.

For more information on electrolytic rust removal, see:

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